Festival of Speed Terms & Conditions

1. Flights will generally operate between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on each day of the event.

2. Operating times can be subject to change due to Air Display activity and/or inclement weather conditions on any day of the event.

3. The Sales point and Helicopter Operating Area are situated on the Golf Course at the Southern boundary of the Festival site, on the outer side of the track and opposite the Startline. Access to the outer side of the track is via a footbridge over the track.

4. Payment for flights is in advance or on the day, but always prior to the flight taking place.

5. Tickets must be presented at the briefing area prior to flight.

6. Children must be two years and over to fly. Children under 10 must be accompanied on any flight by an adult.

7. There is an individual passenger weight limit of 17 Stone/238 lbs or 107 kg on all of our Helicopter flights. If you are above this weight limit we will try to accommodate you, however you will be required to purchase additional seating space at the full per seat price.

8. In the event of cancellation by the organiser and/or flight operator a full refund will be given.

9. No refunds will be given for unredeemed flight tickets/vouchers.

10. We ask Passengers not to attempt to stop and take Photographs during the embarkation and disembarkation phase of the Helicopter experience with either camera or mobile devices. We may have a photographic team working alongside the passenger handlers, if we do then they will take a series of photographs which will be available for purchase after the flight. There is no obligation to purchase any of the photos, it is a voluntary purchase. Passengers wishing to take/use cameras and/or other photographic equipment on the flight do so entirely at their own risk. We ask that you limit the size of camera and/or camera bag and we may request that this be left at the check-in/briefing point if considered too large. We also ask you to be considerate to other passengers on board when taking photos as space is limited within the cabin and it can be uncomfortable for others if someone is leaning across them trying to take pictures.

11. Generally 4 passenger and 6 passenger seat Helicopters will be operated. Flights are sold on a ‘per seat’ basis and Passengers should expect to fly alongside other persons on a ‘Shared Flight’ basis.

12. Persons not wishing to fly on a ‘Shared Flight’ may be offered the opportunity to take the option of a ‘Sole Use’ flight, they will however be required to pay for any empty seats that this leaves remaining on the helicopter.

13. Flight routes are generally planned to give a complete overview of the Festival of Speed site and local surrounding area.

14. Flight routes may be varied at the pilot or operators’ discretion if deemed necessary for any reason.

15. All passengers must be in possession of a valid Entrance ticket to the Festival of Speed event to enable them to access the Helicopter operating area.

16. Elite Helicopters reserve the right to decline the sale of a flight ticket and /or to refuse access to the operating site and/or helicopter to any person whose is considered to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

17. Our Privacy Policy can be found here. Alternatively a copy will be supplied upon request.

18. The standard Pleasure Flight will be of between 7 to 8 minutes duration and will cover approximately 10 nautical miles.