Our Fleet

We offer a wonderful range of luxury helicopters to ensure a true VIP experience.

The Robinson R44: for one to three passengers.
The R44 is a light piston-engine helicopter with the capacity to accommodate two passenger seated in the rear cabin area and a 3rd person in the front cockpit area - alongside the pilot. The R44 is ideal for light charter and sightseeing flights and is also used for training students for their Private Pilot’s License on helicopters.


The Robinson R66: for 3/4 passengers: 
The R66 is a light turbine-engine helicopter is slightly larger than the Robinson R44 from which it is derived. The R66 has the capacity to accommodate up to 4 passengers (3 rear + 1 in the front), however space in the rear cabin area is limited and it is far more comfortable with just two persons in rear passenger seats, the 3rd or 4th person seated in the front cockpit area alongside the pilot. If you have 4 passengers of average size wanting to fly you will probably find the Bell 505 is a more suitable option for you. 

The Bell 505 JetRanger X: for up to 4 passengers:
The Bell 505 Jet Ranger X is a new State of Art single-engine five-seat helicopter (4 passengers + pilot) that was designed as a direct replacement for the much loved and easily recognisable Bell 206 JetRanger. The 505 features a fully integrated ‘Glass Cockpit’, and has a very spacious rear cabin area that accommodates 3 passenger in comfort with the 4th passenger seat in the front cabin area alongside the pilot. The aircraft features very large side windows which provide the passengers with an excellent viewing platform. 

With a top cruising speed of around 140 MPH and a range of 380 miles the aircraft is ideally suited for sightseeing tours, charter, aerial filming and photography.

The Bell LongRanger: for up to 6 passengers:
This is a light turbine helicopter ideally suited for light charter and has the capacity to seat up to 6 passengers in comfort with 5 seats in the rear cabin and an additional seat in the cockpit area alongside the pilot.